Simple Cashless Giving

We believe in simplifying money transfers where the world needs it most. Just because someone doesn't carry cash shouldn't mean they can't give to a cause or pay for a service. We're working to make life a little easier for everyone.

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Our Team

Alexander Spencer


Stephen Joy


Hello there!

We founded Tack with the idea to digitize money transfers that commonly rely on cash. We started this journey back in 2018 when Alexander was on his honeymoon. He quickly realized that he rarely carried enough small change to tip valets or hotel workers. When he returned, he started to notice that he consistently forgot to bring cash or write a check for church on Sunday. With the goal of simplifying money transfers where we need it most, Alexander teamed up with Stephen to found Tack. Stephen and Alexander are both MBA students at the Darden School of Business at UVA. Stephen brings an engineering background to the team and is the talent behind our product. Alexander brings a background in startup operations and sales and is the sales force behind our business. Together they are working to grow Tack to serve a broad group of organizations that have traditionally relied on cash. Tack means "thank you" in Swedish. Our name harkens back to our beginnings in tipping, but also conveys the gratitude conveyed by many of the payment types we address. Tips, church offerings, and donations are all personal forms of gratitude. We hope our product helps you say "Tack!"

As Always,

Stephen and Alexander

Brass Tacks

Our goal is to simplify transactions, both for the payer and for the receiver. To do that, we keep our platform secure and our fee structure simple.

For security, all transactions go directly through Stripe, a trusted Level 1 PCI compliant payment processor. Payment information is TLS encrypted enroute to Stripe and we never store your payment information on our servers.

Our simple fee structure is all built in to the transaction process. We do not charge membership or subscription fees. The only fees we charge are those we pass on from our vendors and an additional 1% fee on transactions to cover our costs. Credit card fees are currently 2.9% + $0.30 on transactions, but we are constantly working with our vendors to lower those fees so more money gets to the people you care about.

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